5 secrets for more success

Roel Schaart reveals 5 secrets of the Navy Seals that help to achieve goals and thus generate more success

Basically, people know what they have to do to achieve their goals. Still, about 80% give up after a short time. There are some factors that prevent people from achieving set goals. This can be a lack of persistence or the variety of possible options. It can be difficult for new leaders to set the right priorities while at the same time seeing the competitor who keeps the focus take more and more market share. The result is that often 80% and more of business goals are not achieved on time, resulting in high costs. Roel Schaart knows how to achieve goals more effectively and reveals 5 secrets of Navy Seals.

“The Navy Seals are the elite soldiers of the USA. When they go on mission, they have 5 simple steps to ensure the mission is secured: knowing what the outcome is, knowing the reason why, chunking into tangible pieces, asking for help if needed, and supporting others,” explained Schaart. The first step is to know what you want. “In my experience, people who start a new project or get into a role frequently do not know what they actually want. However, this first step is extremely important, because only those who know what they want have a clear goal in mind,” added Roel Schaart.

In the second step it is important to know why you are doing something. If you know your why, then the chance of success is much higher. Another technique of the Navy Seals is to chunk everything into small pieces, because if you want everything at once, you will not succeed. “Sometimes it's hard to ask for help. But there's a lot of things we do not have knowledge of, so we need external support. Consultants, leaders, colleagues or external advisors can support you with their expertise,” explained Roel Schaart the fourth secret of success of the Navy Seals.

In the last step it is important to support others. Roel Schaart experienced each of these five steps himself in his second marathon race: “I knew exactly what I wanted, I knew my why because I wanted to be an example for my clients and wanted to show them that everything is possible, I chunked it into little pieces, and I had external support from a personal trainer and mentor. During the race that I completed together with a friend we helped each other.” Those who respect the 5 secrets of the Navy Seals in their goals will increase their chances of success many times over.