The wheel of leadership

What are the best steps to coach, mentor and prepare your leaders? What are simple strategies to make the transition effective, efficient and easy? I help my coach clients into their transition in the new role with a very simple model: the wheel of leadership. The wheel of leadership helps you to identify what is most important to you about your…

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Successfully achieving goals with these two elements

Especially at the beginning of the year many people set themselves new goals. But why do most of them fail already after 2 to 3 weeks? They all follow a certain strategy, but it is never the strategy that causes the fail. There are 2 elements that are decisive for success: external and internal stories.

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The 3 layers of successful Change

“The only constant in life is change”- Heraclitus. We all know this, but what are the reasons that leaders are not focused on understanding the impact for the organization when changes occur? To be successful we need to change. We need to adapt to new environments because there´s always change. So, why are leaders often more focused on new…

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