Get out of your comfort zone

What is the true task of a good coach? And what constitutes the success of coaching? Coaching is not about telling clients they are doing a great job and that you are proud of them. In addition to believing in the client, a good coach's job is to nudge them out of their comfort zone to enable personal growth.

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Relationship level versus content level in the communication

This is the direction! No, this is the direction! For sure you know these arguments. You have a certain goal in mind with your leadership team, but on the way there are many arguments and discussions about the content and the right way. This is usually doomed to failure. You need to work on your most important part: Your relationship level. Only…

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The power of communication

Our main goal in communication is to influence. To make your communication more effective, it is important to know your own communication style as well as that of others. But how do you make sure you understand your counterpart's communication style? How can you adapt your own communication to be more effective? Especially when hiring new…

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