Your beliefs are responsible for your success

Your success doesn´t depend on the actions you take; it depends on your internal mindset. If you believe you can´t do it, you won´t go into your full potential. And what happens? If you don´t believe in yourself, it feeds back to your brain. The other way is when we believe we can do it you open your full potential and you get the results you want.…

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The wheel of leadership

How to support your leaders in a transition into a higher level? What are the best steps to coach, mentor, and prepare your leaders? What are simple strategies to make the transition effective, efficient, and easy?

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Successfully achieving goals with these two elements

Especially at the beginning of the year many people set themselves new goals. But why do most of them fail already after 2 to 3 weeks? They all follow a certain strategy, but it is never the strategy that causes the fail. There are 2 elements that are decisive for success: external and internal stories.

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