5 Signs Reveal You Are a Sigma Male

If you have not read my blog on the real Alpha male definition, please take a read.

It is less than a five-minute read, but it will give you a better appreciation of this article. The Alpha male personality became wildly popular after the U.S. Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich endorsed Prof. Frans de Waal’s book, “Chimpanzee Politics” to young congressional Republicans in 1994. Prof. De Waal studied the social behaviour of these primates and how they struggled to get the highly coveted powerful position of Alpha male.

Prof. De Waal’s basic definition is, “the highest-ranking male is the Alpha male. The highest-ranking female is the Alpha female.” To be an Alpha male “you need to be impressive, intimidating, and demonstrate your vigour on occasion and show that you’re very strong.”
Since Newt Gingrich’s endorsement of his book, the world has created different images of the Alpha male, much to Prof. De Waal’s chagrin. So he went out to correct it. The alpha male is a lot of things, but the “Alpha male is not a bully”, he says.
And he is correct because when you search the internet for the Alpha male, you will be bombarded with a lot of information and descriptions, so it is safe to stay with the man who researched the concept extensively and have actual studies to back it up.

Now, what is a Sigma male?

The term Sigma male was coined by Theodore Robert Beale in 2010. Theodore Robert Beale, popularly known as Vox Day, is an American far-right activist, writer, and publisher. Beale called Sigma males “lone wolves” and described them as introverted Alpha males.
He developed the concept of Sigma male as an attempt at challenging the conventional view of the “man at the top of the human dominance hierarchy.”

Below are Five Signs of a Sigma Male Personality:

Talented and Highly Intelligent

Sigma males take pleasure in solitude rather than bask in the attention from swarms of people. This characteristic allows them occasions for deep thinking, introspection, and self-reflection.They are good listeners, do not reject ideas, but listen to them. Creative and innovative concepts get their attention. A lot of times they are called “rule-breakers” because they refuse to go by the rules. You will observe this behaviour in a lot of creative people because they do not work within anybody’s box.
Sigma males ruminate on an idea, carefully reflect on strategies and analyse options before making any decisions. They are highly observant, eager for knowledge, and intellectually curious.

Sigma male leaders are visionaries.


A Sigma male is not one to enjoy a routine job. He will flourish in a position that will give him authority and space to act on his creative spirit. Sigma males are driven, but they are not impulsive. You can be sure they have given a project much thought before they act on them.
A Sigma male might dare to do something that will appear reckless to a regular person, not to show off or draw attention, but to satisfy his experimental and curious nature, nothing that has not gone through his exhaustive research and analysis.

Cool And Prone to Unusual Behaviour

Sigma males have confidence in their ability without putting effort to impress. They don’t maintain a wide social circle because social gatherings and heavy social interactions with shallow conversations bore them. They do not avoid interactions but hate unnecessary interactions. They would rather read a book.
They live their lives in a specific way that works best for them, needing no validation from anyone. They are independent-thinkers and will not depend on others’ opinions or views to guide them on how they will live, behave, or even dress, but wise enough to decide sensibly.
They are non-conformists that people often judge them as anti-social.

Definitely, Sigma males are not anti-social.

But they do not need any validation, seek opinion or social approval from other people as to how they should behave, act, speak or think.
You will not find them actively posting on social media but are socially equipped when forced to mingle or participate in team-building activities. While Alpha males would be loud and call attention with their antics, the Sigma male would be quiet in a corner, maybe speaking with one or two people, yet draw attention without even trying. This air of aloofness adds to their charm and appeal.

They are leaders of few words.

They are Prone to Antagonistic Social Relations with Alpha Males Because of their conflicting nature, Sigma males are prone to hostile relations with Alpha males.
Sigma males hate conflict and they will avoid it at all costs because they hate drama. But being highly observant and a good judge of character, a Sigma male will know how to anticipate an Alpha male’s behaviour and will be able to respond to them accordingly.

Sigma male leaders are good at conflict resolutions.

They do not respect the Alpha’s high social rank. Sigma males share the same social rank as the Alpha males but refuse to play by its rules, and are therefore placed outside of the social hierarchy structure. But despite the alienated status, they manage to win the social games anyway.
In a social situation, Sigma males might drop by your table, say a quick hello and leave. He will not snob, ignore or disregard, but he will not linger giving him an air of mystery that adds to his appeal.


Sigma males are the quiet versions of Alpha males. They could easily challenge an Alpha male in the top rank position without tromping their way to get there.
Alpha males are easily found these days. They are active on social media.
But Sigma males are rare and cannot be easily found. Because they do not actively post on social media.
Did you find agreeing to a lot, if not all, of the descriptions?
Can you relate to the above list of behaviours?

Caveat: No matter how people try to debunk this personality theory, many people can still relate to them.

So, read, study and learn as much as you can because knowing oneself is the key to personal growth.