How to achieve set goals

Roel Schaart describes what is necessary to really achieve set goals and that this often has nothing to do with strategy

At the beginning of the year, goals are often set - both in private and business life. People want to lose weight, eat healthier, motivate their employees better or advance projects in a goal-oriented way. But many of these set goals are already abandoned within the first 2-3 weeks.

“Many people follow a certain strategy in achieving their goals, but it is never the strategy that causes the fail,” explained Roel Schaart. On the Internet there are thousands of good strategies how to reach a certain goal. These strategies are tried, tested and helpful, but they will not help if the mindset is not right. “There are 2 more elements that are material for success: external and internal stories,” added Schaart.

If others do not believe in the success, that goals are reached, then this could have a large influence on the fact that one fails. If a good friend thinks, for example, that you won't be able to complete a marathon, or if the manager doesn't believe that you will be able to motivate your own team, failure is often inevitable. “If you believe such assumptions and stories coming from other people, you will most likely give up working on your goals very quickly because nobody believes that you will achieve them,” gives Roel Schaart to consider.

Another reason why people give up after a short time to reach their goals is their own mindset. Everybody who has the intention to reach a certain goal has thoughts like "I can't do it, someone else can do it better," etc. Roel Schaart explains this: “This negative mindset slows us down in reaching our goals.”

Before Roel Schaart became an executive coach himself, he had a strong need for additional training, certifications, and other education. In the end it was never the additional knowledge that got him ahead. "It was always my own way of thinking and my empowering stories that were needed," he concludes.