Successfully achieving goals with these two elements

Especially at the beginning of the year many people set themselves new goals. But why do most of them fail already after 2 to 3 weeks? They all follow a certain strategy, but it is never the strategy that causes the fail. There are 2 elements that are decisive for success: external and internal stories.

According to a study by the University of Scranton, at the beginning of the year the same resolutions are always on the list: eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, spend more time with family and friends, etc.

Is the strategy to blame?

In order to achieve these goals, we often follow a certain strategy. But why does the majority (92%) stop working on their goals after just a few weeks? Failure is not due to following the strategy. It is not the reason why so many newly set goals are not achieved. There are billions of solutions on the Internet. There are plans and strategies how to lose weight, get more leads, get projects done, manage your time successfully. These strategies are tried, tested and helpful - but none of this will help you if your mindset is not right.

External stories

The external stories that others tell you can sometimes influence whether you achieve your goals. A good friend doesn't believe you can run the marathon next year. Your peers in management think it is impossible for you to form a real team with the people in your department. Your manager tells you it is far too difficult to get your employees excited about a certain project. If you believe such assumptions and stories coming from other people, you will most likely give up working on your goals very quickly because nobody believes that you will achieve them.

Internal stories

I will never make it. How will I ever run 42 kilometers? Someone else can do it better than me. I'd better hand over this project so that it can be completed successfully. Every one of us who has set specific goals has had such thoughts come to mind. This negative mindset slows us down in reaching our goals. It is time that we change this together.

Before I became an executive coach, I had a strong need for additional training, certifications, and other education. At the end it was never the additional knowledge that kept me moving forward. It was always my own mindset and my empowering stories that were needed. I help you not only look over your strategies but also over your external stories and your internal mindset.

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