The 3 layers of successful Change

“The only constant in life is change”- Heraclitus. We all know this, but what are the reasons that leaders are not focused on understanding the impact for the organization when changes occur? To be successful we need to change. We need to adapt to new environments because there´s always change. So, why are leaders often more focused on new technology than on understanding the implications for their employees, which leads to pushbacks to the new technology?

Change management frequently fails due to a lack of support and commitment from employees and because managers expect their teams to change but do not lead by example. This in turn creates resistance when changes are implemented and results in employees who no longer believe in leadership. Successful change requires 3 layers: it, we, and I.

It – Systems are important, but are only one element

Most leaders focus only on systems. Of course, it is important to implement a new computer system or a new process. I worked for large companies which had many ongoing projects at the same time. Not only business changes, but also technical changes, including with new software solutions. Many of those projects failed because the most important areas of focus were hard factors, such as which project management solutions would be the best option or how can we implement the change quickly in the organization. Most of the times, employees were not consulted and embedded in the change process. There are 2 additional important elements that successful change needs.

We – Connect to your team

Communication is all about the “we.” Alignment with the team members and good communication are important to support the team when it comes to changing particular software programs. After you made a connection, they will understand the change and know what the software implementation entails for them.

I – Leader as a role model

We as leaders should go first when it comes to change. If we adapt to change, we are able to transport a message to our team. After all, this is how we successfully manage change in the company, in processes, and in systems. Being a role model even before implementing new strategies simplifies organizational change.

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