Are you still hesitating, or are you already believing?

Toxic and limiting beliefs often prevent us from being successful – personally and professionally. Desired successes fail to materialize. But why is that? Success does not primarily depend on measures, but on the internal way of thinking. If we believe that we cannot achieve something, we are not able to fully exploit our potential.

It is a widespread problem in the modern working world that leaders are defined by the "how" and less by the "who." This leads to them developing poisonous thoughts that prevent them from doing anything. In the end, they fail to achieve the intended results. Executives often waste a lot of time thinking that the result they are striving for is impossible and hesitate to take appropriate action to achieve it. They frequently blame the circumstances or other people, find excuses why they cannot do something and then, even if they believe they can achieve something, they do not take action. This is by far not a modern phenomenon but goes back to the time before Christ. The Greek poet Hesiod already warned against postponing one’s work until tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The Roman consul Cicero called hesitation in conducting affairs "hateful."

Taking small steps to success

I experienced something similar when I wanted to run my first full marathon in Berlin a few years ago. At first glance, it seemed impossible for me to do it. I first had to work on my own conviction that this was possible and not to concentrate on the fact that I had to run 42 km. So, I started out with going on small training runs. These opened up new possibilities and awakened new potential in me. I sought the assistance of a personal trainer, created a training plan, and ran a little more every week. After a while, I kept getting better results that helped me to develop a powerful way of thinking, a strong inner conviction.

The cycle of success

If you do not believe in yourself, this also has an effect on how you are thinking and acting. Believing that you can achieve certain results opens your full potential. The next time you start a similar project, your subconscious already believes that you can take the necessary steps.

Success Cycle | Tony Robbins

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